Kiosk Type A An all new standard of promotion, selling, and
advertisings in all areas at anytime and anywhere. Expand new
customer targets all the time which will make your business well-
known with Kiosk type A. Right side open and half back side open
with open-close door at the back of Kiosk

Standard accessories for Kiosk Type A
- Counter for holding products (foldable)
- Neon lights 5 sets
- Electrical Control Cabinet
- Power plug with wire of 15 meters
- Front scoop with storage inside

Mobile coffee shop : New idea of freelance job with mobile coffee.
Remarkable point is …for the coffee lover anywhere, anytime. At working
offices, communities. Any good spot can be choose by yourself, or apply
by yourself to sell tea, hot-cold cocoa, coffee, smoothie and many more.
“Make the beverage booth, with various flavors”
KIOSK A Single Cab
Standard Type. Width 1,750 mm. Length
2,420 mm. Height 1,970 mm. Car for
commercial. Ready to service in all areas.
KIOSK A Extra Cab
Design and install Kiosk container for all types
and brands of cab, both new and old. Very
convenient with one stop service.
KIOSK A Double Cab
Special type. Design and made for only
4 doors vehicle to suitable for customer’s
usage. Ready to open your shop at any
good spots.
Kiosk A. Suzuki Carry installed with sell and distributor
accessories such as, rice steamed chicken (KHO), stew
pork leg on rice, curry rice, noodles, and dumplings.
Front Scoop Made of
lightweight fiberlass.
Reduce the friction,
with storage inside.
Power Plug
To connect household
electricity, including wire
15 meters


ade from stainless
steel. Strength, and

Inside Handle

Handle for open-close
Slide Open
Smooth fiberglass sheet. Lightweight with waterproof rear rubber. Easy to open-close with quality shock absorber. slide open handily.
Slide Open Lock Set
Strength handily, and
lock securely
Interior light
Interior light set. To light
up inside the container.
Electrical control cabinet
Control household electricity
for vehicle usage; with light
switch, plug, and meter.
The storage for
accessories and stuffs.
The design is fit perfect
inside the front scoop
with LED light.
Counter for selling
products or accessories
which is foldable.
Counter hinge
Strength, can carry
weight of the
product very well.
Easy to fold.
Handle with 2steps
rotor lock. Lock
Kiosk A Bakery. Mobile grocery store that sells tea, bread, coffee,
donuts, sweets, popcorn. Ready anywhere and anytime.
Support the promotion. Expand all
marketing. Mobile public relations
services, events that help creating
brand and trade mark.
New marketing idea without relying
on logistic. The shop can be opened
anywhere and anytime. Rental fee can
be paid per day. Convenient to relocate.
Design, made, and install
stickers for kiosk container for
both inside and outside. Beautiful
and modern which will create
the notable brand and products.
Cook various menu such as, Thai,
Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
Vietnamese, and Italian food for