Kiosk B — Be ready to service you for coffee, beverage, food, noodles, and clothes at anytime and anywhere at good spot with kiosk type B. Right and left side open with open-close door at the right side of the kiosk container.

Standard Accessories for Kiosk B
• Counter for holding products (foldable)
• Neon lights 5 sets
• Electrical Control Cabinet
• Power plug with wire of 15 meters
• Front scoop with storage inside      

Suzuki Carry

Starting Food Truck Business — Thinking or planning to start your own mobile restaurant? Not a bad idea given that food truck industry has reportedly an annual growth rate of 8,4%. You really think this is a fantastic idea, Call us.

Mazda BT-50

After determining your concept and menu, the next step to starting your own food truck business is to find business ideas.
Front Scoop Made of lightweight fiberlass. Reduce the friction, with storage inside.
Power Plug to connect household electricity, including wire 15 meters
Made from stainless steel. Strength.
Inside handle
Handle for
Slide open
Smooth fiberglass
sheet. Lightweight with waterproof rubber edge. Easy to open- close with quality shock absorber.
Slide open lock
Strength handily,
and lock securely
Interior light
Interior light set. Light up
inside the container.
Electrical control cabinet
Control household electricity
for vehicle usage; with light
switch, plug, and meter.
The storage for
accessories and stuffs.
The design is fit perfect
inside the front scoop
with LED light.
Counter for selling
products or accessories
which is foldable.
Counter hinge
Strength, can carry
weight of the
product very well.
Easy to fold.
Handle with
2 steps rotary lock. Lock securely
Mobile tools — selling all the tools like Bosch, appliances, and construction tools. Mobile tools center — come directly from Business to Customers (B2C).
Products debut or road show events
at anywhere and anytime.
Support the brand to be
much more stronger.
Access to all customer
targets fast.

DFSK Mini Truck

Kiosk B for small truck and van. Convenient and fast. Access
to customertarget at every alley. Everything can sell easily.
Everything can sell and gets all the profits.

DFSK Mini Truck

Mobile franchise doughnuts Daddy Dough. Delicious doughnuts ready to serve in front of your house with many flavors (Choco alancio, Banoffee, Marble strawberry, Mocha Nesto, Zebra, Orange iced, Cahew nut, Macchiato, Choco pinko, Strawberry iced, and etc.)
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*** The descriptions and illustrations shown here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.

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